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Tax Staff

Tax Staff

Our staff of tax preparers are carefully selected based upon their knowledge and experience in working with more complex income tax returns. By our meeting the upper echelon of requirements, you are assured of top professional results, not only for the upper income clients, but for the medium to moderate income client needs.

We treat each and every client with the same amount of professionalism, and each client enjoys the same amount of expertise, regardless of income level. Returns are not assigned to staff members based upon income level; by maintaining all professional preparers with top level abilities, your return will be prepared and checked by top level preparers, as opposed to inexperienced junior level or undertrained staff.

We will always maintain the philosophy that each client deserves respect, professionalism, and courtesy.

Our experience and efficiency in firm management allows us to remain financially competitive in the tax preparation field, not only with our professional competition, but also with the large national non certified tax preparers.